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We spend so much time hunched over a desk, computer and phone, that we need to support our back muscles to improve our posture, back extension and spinal flexibility!  The Ultimate Back Roller is everything you ever wanted in a back roller and more!

FOR EVERYONE:  This roller is designed to be used by everyone!  Whether you are a yogi looking for the next generation yoga wheel; a runner; a mom/dad with back pain; an elite cross fitter or powerlifter; or just someone looking to support healthy spinal motion – this is the product for you!  No matter what age and activity, we all need spinal health!

SPINE GAP:  When you roll your back on a basic flat roller, you are actually jamming the spinal segments and restricting motion as you roll- the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve!  Our revolutionary design was created to support natural spinal movement and enhance overall mobility.  The Spine Gap allows the spine to move freely as you roll.  You can feel the amazing difference the very first time you use it!  The bumps target the

THERAPEUTIC BUMP PATTERN: Our patented bump pattern allows you to specifically target the transverse processes bone on either side of the spine to help mobilize the spine itself.  The second row of bumps deeply targets the para-spinal on either side of the spine.

WORKS ON EVERY PART OF THE BODY: While The Ultimate Back Roller was specifically made to be the best Back Roller Ever, it also works amazingly well all over the rest of the body!  From your neck, to arms, to lats, to glutes, to legs – there is no place this roller won’t help!

HOLDS 1000lbs:  We wanted a roller that would work for everyone! And we created a roller that can support 1000lbs!   That means you don’t have to worry about it breaking under you! And you can enhance your back release by adding weights!  This roller is built from the highest quality tough molded foam in the world.

HEIGHT / WIDTH: Unlike any other foam roller on the market, this roller is designed at 11 inches tall which is the perfect height to increase leverage and allow you to create spinal extension.  And it is 7 inches wide.

INVENTED BY A CHIROPRACTOR:  Our Patent Pending Design distinguishes our product from anything else on the market!  Dr. Sonia Pasquale, co-founder of Acumobility, wanted to create something that would help people support spinal mobility and extension as well as posture at home.  And this amazing design provides unparalleled results!

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: While this Roller is definitely a beast, it will easily fit in all backpacks and suitcases! It will be your new favorite travel buddy!

*Made in China of tough molded EVA Foam, plastic inner core


Improved spinal mobility
Improved posture
Improved spinal extension

Length: 11.3 inches

Width:  7.5 inches

Height:  11.3 inches

Weight: 3.35 pounds

Additional information

Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 8 in

6 reviews for The Ultimate Back Roller

  1. Mike R

    I was in a bad car accident in high school and have had chronic back pain ever since. I bought this roller after seeing an ad on facebook. I had no idea my back could feel this good again! I use it daily when I wake up and right before bed. It only takes a few minutes and I immediately feel looser and like my muscles got a massage. Thanks for making such an effective product!

  2. Maria

    I got this for my husband who is 6’3” and 350lbs. Most rollers break or just don’t work for him. This roller is amazing! It not only holds up well, but it is the first time he can foam roll and feel better! I use it as well and it works great for both of us. Awesome product!

  3. Ben

    Incredible back roller! Fast shipping and great customer service!

  4. Reily

    This roller is more than I could have expected! I got it as a Christmas gift from my husband who is tired of me asking for massages. I had no idea it would almost completely eliminate my back pain in just a few weeks of use! I’m so happy that my back is feeling better, and he’s so happy not to have to rub my back anymore! Thank you!

  5. MJ Nicdao

    Saw this being used by my fitness inspiration. This baby helps me so much after my workout or even my job. As a Massage Therapist, I constantly need to mind my body mechanics and it takes a strain on many muscles. It helps me move better, trains my abs to do better work, recover from the abuse I put my body through, and it even serves as an awesome posture re-education tool. Would buy for presents once I finalize my nice list.

  6. Dale

    I have tried many different rollers but truly love this one. The quality and construction is just head and shoulders above the rest. I use it multiple times a day to assist in improving my mobility. If you are looking for a high quality roller purchase this one. You will not be disappointed.
    Suggestion to company: I would like to see these made in multiple sizes constructed with the same quality. One that you can throw in your gym bag and that fits in between your shoulder blades (similar to the small one from chirp). I look forward to your new line of various sizes. Sign me up to purchase the first ones. Love the quality of this product.

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