The Assortment Package

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Includes:  1 Ultimate Back Roller, 1 Eclipse Foam Roller, 2 Orange Level 1 Acumobility Ball, 2 Blue Level 2 Acumobility Balls, 1 Orange Floss Band, 1 Blue Floss Band, 2 Cotton Resistance Loop Bands (Yellow and Orange)

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  • 1 Ultimate Back Roller
  • 2 Orange Level 1 Acumobility Balls
  • 2 Blue Level 2 Acumobility Balls
  • 1 Eclipse Foam Roller
  • 1 Orange thin floss band
  • 1 Blue thick floss band
  • Yellow + Orange – cotton resistance loop bands – Yellow is light resistance, orange is medium resistance




We spend so much time hunched over a desk, computer and phone, that we need to support our back muscles to improve our posture, back extension and spinal flexibility!  The Ultimate Back Roller is everything you ever wanted in a back roller and more!

FOR EVERYONE:  This roller is designed to be used by everyone!  Whether you are a yogi looking for the next generation yoga wheel; a runner; a mom/dad with back pain; an elite cross fitter or powerlifter; or just someone looking to support healthy spinal motion – this is the product for you!  No matter what age and activity, we all need spinal health!

SPINE GAP:  When you roll your back on a basic flat roller, you are actually jamming the spinal segments and restricting motion as you roll- the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve!  Our revolutionary design was created to support natural spinal movement and enhance overall mobility.  The Spine Gap allows the spine to move freely as you roll.  You can feel the amazing difference the very first time you use it!  The bumps target the

THERAPEUTIC BUMP PATTERN: Our patented bump pattern allows you to specifically target the transverse processes bone on either side of the spine to help mobilize the spine itself.  The second row of bumps deeply targets the para-spinal on either side of the spine.

WORKS ON EVERY PART OF THE BODY: While The Ultimate Back Roller was specifically made to be the best Back Roller Ever, it also works amazingly well all over the rest of the body!  From your neck, to arms, to lats, to glutes, to legs – there is no place this roller won’t help!

HOLDS 1000lbs:  We wanted a roller that would work for everyone! And we created a roller that can support 1000lbs!   That means you don’t have to worry about it breaking under you! And you can enhance your back release by adding weights!  This roller is built from the highest quality tough molded foam in the world.

HEIGHT / WIDTH: Unlike any other foam roller on the market, this roller is designed at 11 inches tall which is the perfect height to increase leverage and allow you to create spinal extension.  And it is 7 inches wide.

INVENTED BY A CHIROPRACTOR:  Our Patent Pending Design distinguishes our product from anything else on the market!  Dr. Sonia Pasquale, co-founder of Acumobility, wanted to create something that would help people support spinal mobility and extension as well as posture at home.  And this amazing design provides unparalleled results!

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: While this Roller is definitely a beast, it will easily fit in all backpacks and suitcases! It will be your new favorite travel buddy!

The Eclipse Roller is the most innovative foam roller ever made!  This is the first and only foam roller that also functions as a trigger point release tool and it is the only roller that contours to the angles of the body so you can get into every single nook and cranny.  The 5 pressure strips allow you to target 5 different muscles at the same time.  This means that you can effectively roll your entire body 5x faster than a traditional roller that has only 1 contact point.  It is the first roller you will ever use that you will feel a noticeable change after using it.  Faster, more effective, and targeted trigger point release- yes please!

The Eclipse Roller is designed for everyone.  This is the only roller made with the option to advance levels.  The round end caps are for beginners who need to ease into rolling.  Then you can advance to the next level by spreading tissue over all 5 pressure strips.  When you want to really target a specific area deeply then you can direct all pressure onto just one pressure strip.  This roller is made to be effective and effective means you will feel it.  Many people are used to barely feeling anything when they foam roll- this means you are not accomplishing anything!  We built these products to effect change both in recovery and in performance and that means that you will need to feel it to be effective!

Go to our Videos Page to learn how to use the Eclipse Roller on every part of the body

The Acumobility ball is the first and only flat based trigger point ball specifically made for active mobility.  A technique where you put the muscle through its full range of motion as the ball stays in place on a specific trigger point, for a deep and effective release.  The stable platform and tacky texture allows you to use the ball on any floor or wall surface so you can take your mobility anywhere you go.  This all in one mobility and stability ball can be used for upper body strength exercises like push-ups and planks.  It is also perfect for self massage and getting into all the hard to reach spots.

The Level 1 Ball is less dense than a lacrosse ball, while the Level 2 ball is equal to or even more dense than a lacrosse ball.  If you are new to mobility exercises, only do mobility work infrequently, or have a lot of aches and pains – then the Level 1 ball is right for you.  If you regularly do mobility work with a lacrosse ball and tolerate that pressure well or want even more pressure then the Level 2 ball is right for you.  If you are a trainer and want a ball that will work with the majority of your clients then get the Level 1 Ball.  More is not better when it comes to trigger point release.  If the pressure of the ball is so hard that your entire body tightness and spasms over it then it will not allow you to release those trigger points, thus making the exercise ineffective.    So make sure to get the right density for you and work your way up from there!

We recommend getting two Acumobility balls of the same density so that you can work on the entire back and neck.  Trust us your back will thank you!  You can also use two balls to do our Vise Technique – where you place a ball on antagonistic muscles (such as quad and hamstring) and release them simultaneously as you move through active range of motion.
Go to our Education Page to view “HOW TO” Videos on every part of the body

High quality and durable 7 foot long/ 1.5mm thick/ 2 inch wide floss band with 150% stretch
This band works great for applying universal compression to an area
Use to wrap around stiff joints and muscles
Combine with the Acumobility Ball and Eclipse Roller for added compression during Active Mobilization exercises
Helps to relieve stiffness and improve mobility
Improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage upon release of the wrap
Great for all areas of the body and for bigger muscle groups such as thighs/ calves and upper arm

 Quantity: 2 Resistance Loop Bands
Width:  2.5 inches (pre-stretch)
Length:  13 inches (pre-stretch)
High Quality Cotton and All Natural Latex Rubber Fibers
2 Variable resistance band Light/ Medium / Heavy

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 11 in


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