Acumobility x Pedestal Socks


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The Acumobility x Pedesatal Footwear Sock!

  • Socks made to workout in!
  • Provides you with grip and stability so you can do barefoot exercise while training big toe and foot mobility!
  • A great way to build strong feet and strong foot and body connections!
  • Comes with a travel bag


  • Open toe box that allows for maximum toe splay
  • Mesh weave on the top of the foot for enhanced breathability and athletic fit
  • Tacky grip bottom for traction and stability
  • Increased durability in the toe and heel with our upgraded abrasion resistant thread
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Socks are meant to fit snug so they do not slide when wearing. ┬áSize exactly to your shoe size.
  • SMALL: (Men 4 – 7) (Women 4 – 7.5)
  • MEDIUM: (Men 7.5 – 10.5) (Women 8 – 11.5)
  • LARGE: (Men 11 – 13) (Women 12 – 14)

Wash Instructions:

  • Wash Cold and Hang Dry

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Sock Sizes

SMALL – W (4-7.5) M (4-7), MEDIUM – W (8-11.5) M (7.5-10.5), LARGE – W (12-14) M (11-13)


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