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The Boomstick:
A 22 lb. high-grade steel tool used as a body-tempering roller for the extremities and as a targeted trigger point release tool for self-use.
A fantastic tool for clinicians and body workers to assist with myofascial release.
The weight and perfectly contoured ends are designed to optimize use for targeting specific trigger points when used on yourself or by a body worker or clinician.
There is not a better tool for targeting the deep tissue to help release key trigger points in the pecs, shoulders, subscap, hamstring and more.
The knurl isn’t just for grip, its mild enough not to cut the skin and allow it to be twisted, providing a shearing effect to fascia and muscle tissue.
The Boomstick can be used pre or post workout to prepare the muscle for training or to assist in post training relief.
The Boomstick was developed by Chris Duffin and the product engineers at Kabuki Strength in conjunction with World Famous Strength Coach, Donnie Thompson. The Boomstick is a body tempering tool for all serious athletes and is best used individually or with a teammate/ clinician to diffuse and break up restricted muscle and adhesive tissue.
We have partnered with Chris Duffin to create a truly revolutionary approach to soft tissue work that we call the ‘VISE’ Technique which incorporates compression from both sides of a muscle as you go through active range of motion.  This can be achieved using both the Boom stick and Acumobility ball together.
Go to our Education page to view videos.

Vise Technique
Body Tempering
Releasing Trigger Points
Shearing of Fascia and Muscle Tissue
Great tool for Practitioners


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