Mobility At Your Desk – Week 1

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The “Mobility at your Desk” series was created to help people stay mobile when they are at work. In this 10 week tutorial we will take you through 10 parts of the body that will only take 10 minutes a day to mobilize!

We are starting with one of the most common work injured areas, the forearm. Great for carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other forearm issues. In this video we will show you 3 different releases using the Acumobility Ball. We suggest beginning with the Level 1 Acumobility Ball and advancing to the Level 2 Acumobility Ball when ready!

WHAT YOU NEED: 2 Acumobility Balls, oil

1. Single ball forearm release: Starting on the palmer side of the arm apply downward pressure of your arm on the ball. When you find a tender spot use your other hand for added pressure while release the trigger point. Make sure to flex and extend the hand to enhance length and range of motion of forearm muscles. Work your way from the wrist to the elbow. Then turn your hand over to work the top of the forearm the same way.

2. Double ball forearm release: Put 2 Acumobility Balls together creating a Vise that applies lateral pressure to the arm. Also work from wrist to elbow looking for tender spots.

3. Release using oil/lubricant: For a deeper trigger point release, apply oil (any oil is fine) and put a little on top of the ball and a little on the arm. Slowly apply downward pressure on the ball while your opposite hand helps to guide that arm.

TIME: 1 minute a day


*Always consult a physician before beginning a new exercise, massage, and mobility regimen.

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    I am learning a lot from this. I want more. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us and great products!

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