Our Mission is to help each and every person to tap into their hidden potential, and give them the tools to move better and follow their passion. We embrace the idea that the human potential for movement is immense and varied and that with the right knowledge and guidance anyone can become a master of natural movement.

We have created an ongoing interview and video series called ACU-Mobility’s Master’s of Natural Movement to highlight incredible people who have made movement their life and dedicated themselves to their art. We hope to inspire people and show them the vast potential of the human body. In each video we highlight a different person or training facility. We also do an in-depth interview with each person and break that into topics that can be found on our blog.


Natalia Boltukhova is a Parkour coach and personal trainer. She is a Level 2 Adapt Certified Parkour Coach with Parkour Generations: Americas. She is also a Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville where she designs and implements fitness programs to help people improve and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Natalia has a deep passion for teaching people how to improve their movement and embrace the potential of their bodies. She travels all over the world for Parkour events and teaches both private and group classes. She is also the owner of Pedal Power Photography in Somerville, MA.


Eric Dawson is a Professional Strongman and the owner and operator of Titan Barbell. Eric has over 12 years of experience in getting people strong and conditioned for their respective goals. Eric is a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, a level 1 battling ropes instructor, and is a Certified Kettlebell Trainer through the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. Eric’s training experience is vast, with a client list ranging from marathon runners, to strength athletes, to those who simply want to be stronger and healthier in everyday life.

Eric is also an actively competing American Strongman Corporation Professional Strongman with national and international experience. As a professional strength athlete himself, Eric uses his unique insight and knowledge base to develop programs that are tailored towards each client’s goals.

To contact Eric directly please go to http://www.titanbarbell.net/

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