Active Mobilization and Re-Patterning To Improve Overhead Position and Shoulder Mechanics

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In this video Chris Duffin and Brad Cox from Acumobility are at Titan Barbell in Medford, MA working on Strongman Semaj.  Semaj had sustained a right shoulder injury that has been negatively impacting his overhead mobility. During assessments, we found that he has poor internal rotation of the shoulder with limited overhead range of motion and restricted trap and pec muscles. Our goal is to provide some corrective strategies to improve end range of motion and stability in the shoulder girdle. We accomplish this through the following progression: Active Mobilization of the Shoulder Using our unique Vice Technique we start…

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Mobility At Your Desk – Week 1

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  The “Mobility at your Desk” series was created to help people stay mobile when they are at work. In this 10 week tutorial we will take you through 10 parts of the body that will only take 10 minutes a day to mobilize! WEEK 1: FOREARM MOBILITY AT YOUR DESK: We are starting with one of the most common work injured areas, the forearm. Great for carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other forearm issues. In this video we will show you 3 different releases using the Acumobility Ball. We suggest beginning with the Level 1 Acumobility Ball and advancing to…

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