Vise Technique and Shoulderok Magic to improve Shoulder Health

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In this video Brad Cox from Acumobility and Chris Duffin from Kabuki Strength demonstrate a great sequence for incorporating the Vise Technique/ Active Mobilization and ShoulderokV3 to improve overall shoulder mobility and stability.  If you want more content like this sign up for our monthly educational newsletter here. The key component of the Vise technique is the compression of muscle tissue from both sides as you go through active range of motion. We have found this to have huge neurological benefit when applied to a restricted area before training. The outcome is generally immediately improved Range of Motion and also…

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How to Improve Ankle Mobility and Stability (as demonstrated on American Ninja Warrior Meghan Beatty)

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How to Improve Ankle Mobility/ Stability with Active Mobilization and Fascial Tensioning.   As demonstrated on American Ninja Warrior Meghan Beatty. The Pattern: The ability to properly active the big toe and arch of the foot, while at the same time having full internal rotation and flexion of the lower leg are essential components of proper running, jumping, squat, hinge and lunge mechanics. If you have poor lower leg rotation and lack of big toe activation then it shows up a few different ways depending on the movement pattern we are talking about. -During Squatting/ Jumping/ Hinge and Lunge There are…

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