ACU-RUNNING:  A system of analysis and treatment designed to rebuild movement patterns that make up a natural running stride.

There has been a huge emphasis on running form and mechanics, but an understanding of proper form is only useful if the fundamental movements that make up that form are intact.

We have developed ACU-Running to address the many underlying pre-stride biomechanical imbalances that prevent an athlete from successfully changing their form and also to treat the numerous injuries that occur because of form problems. ACU-Running is a 3-step system to rebuilding a natural running stride and correcting all of the biomechanical and neuromuscular imbalances that lead to pain and poor form.

We partnered with TOPO Athletic ‘the leader in natural-fit innovation for performance footwear’ to bring our amazing program to the public and to help runners everywhere self assess and correct their underlying pre-biomechanics.

For details and videos of the program please visit the Topo Athletic ACU-Running page.